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  • KA
  • NP

    “Great insurance!

  • AD

    “For 15 years now Deibler (and Erie) have been handling all our insurance needs. Wendy and her staff are almost religious about ensuring that we have had the right insurance for all of our business and personal needs, and made sure that we were completely aware of the costs, benefits, limitations, and all of the trivia which takes a devotion to detail, rather than just a “Sign here”.

    Perhaps the best example of Erie’s performance was when a late season hailstorm passed over Carlisle, causing huge amounts of damage. Within a day, Erie had a crisis team in town, and appraisals were being performed. We had a claim for repainting the front and one side of our property, and without any prompting from us, the appraiser climbed onto the roof and came down again showing us the damage to the shingles, telling us that the hail had taken 15 years off the life of the roof, and that Erie would therefore replace it.

    So if you want a honest, ethical team, then Wendy Deibler, her staff, and Erie Insurance, in my opinion cannot be bettered.”

  • JB

    “The staff at Deibler has been great and with having a small business and a lot of trucks and equipment I’m sure that I can be a pain in the butt!

  • SM

    “Wendy Deibler and her fantastic team are very knowledgeable, professional and helpful. Their rates are extremely competitive!

  • LP

    “Deibler insurance has handled our business, health, and personal insurance for years. Wendy and team are very knowledgeable, professional, and prompt at handling any questions. Definitely, the best insurance agency around!

  • GS

    “Wendy and her staff are the best! Super fast to respond & saved me a ton of money. Highly reccomend!

  • MS

    “Best rates and good people.”

  • JC